Why choose DDS Architects?

Improving lives with lower care costs

Dementia design services provided by specialist professional chartered architects
Full-service: design consultancy & audits using current best practice in inclusive design
On site visits with personalized report and clear action steps to implement enabling design features

Design is an essential part of the care plan

The role of good design in dementia
Old lady receiving assistance standing up with walking stick

Good inclusive design can reduce the amount of care a person requires and allow them to remain in their home for longer.


Inclusive design layouts can create constant visual reminders and more intuitive use of buildings or urban environments, resulting in greater independence and inclusion and less pressure on carers.

Old lady sat drinking tea coffee looking to right

Inclusive design can reduce levels of agitation, confusion, and disorientation; resulting in less stress for people with dementia and their carers.


Good inclusive design is about knowledge and not cost.

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