Dementia Design Specialist Architects provide a design and consultancy service. We specialise in ‘enabling environments’ for people with dementia, whilst reducing care costs using design elements such as lighting, colour, acoustics, layout and landscape design.


Research has shown that early design intervention allows better functioning in the ‘home’ or care environment, greater independence and improves the standard of health and wellbeing for people living with dementia whilst reducing the pressure on carers.

An ‘enabling environment’ is any place that is designed and planned to take account of the cognitive, sensory and physical impairments that are associated with living with dementia. Informed use of design elements and layout can assist with leading as full and independent life as possible. A poorly designed environment can be confusing, disorienting and at worst disabling and dangerous for those living with dementia.

Why choose DDS Architects?

We specialise in best practice, cost effect dementia enabling designs
Dementia design consultancy service provided by Specialist professional chartered architects
Full-service: design consultancy & audits using current best practice in dementia design
On site visits with personalized report and clear action steps to implement enabling design features

It is important to tackle design as part of the care plan

The role of good design in dementia